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Majority of the medications are already available commerically in various dosage forms such as tablets, capsules, liquids, drops, topical creams or ointments, transdermal patches and many more…


Compounding is to come up with a dosage form that is not available commercially, and made only by a physician’s request. For example, a medication may be available in a tablet or capsule form, but not as a liquid due to stability issues. In this case, depending on the difficulty of taking the tablets orally, especially for newborn and young children, a physician may decide to order a special compounding. Compounding is also requested frequently for pets.


Although every pharmacist is trained during their attendance to pharmacy school, compounding may require pharmacists to obtain additional training and expertise. Also, making a compound requires an undivided attention of the pharmacist from start to finish. It also requires obtaining difficult to find ingredients, and consequently may require a day or two. Therefore, many retail pharmacists may not have enough time to compound, and refer patients to those pharmacies that have a reputation of compounding.


At Kensington Pharmacy, our pharmacist has many years of experience of compounding as well as taken additional training from a national compounding manufacturer. Everyday compounding is a normal occurrence for us, and look forward to taking care of your compounding needs.